About Our Environmental Firm

Advanced Environmental Services is an environmental remediation and equipment company dedicated to providing the best in remediation services and environmental remediation equipment.  AES has a comprehensive inventory of environmental equipment and instruments, whether you choose to to rent or buy.  We are an environmental remediation company that works closely with the industrial, agricultural, commercial and petroleum industries in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. We can also assist with residential projects for air, water and soil abatement.  We’ll take care of your air, water and soil remediation projects or supply you with the tools and equipment to take care of it yourself.

Here’s a short list of the advantages and details of the services we offer.


Varsol remediation at chemical production facility

Varsol remediation at chemical production facility

    • Experienced Remediation Technicians
    • Full Service Air and Surface Treatment using our  OZONE PRO Technologies
    • Compact Safe Operation
    • Discreet Appearance
    • Simultaneous Air Sparging, Aeration and Injection Enhancement
    • Event Report, Including:
      • Digital Spread Sheets
      • Mass Removal Calculations
      • Event Summary
      • Field Logs
      • Disposal Manifest
Free product abatement at multi-plume site in Downtown Durham, NC

Free product abatement at multi-plume site in Downtown Durham, NC

  • Data Collection:
    • Initial, Daily and Final Well Gauging
    • Total VOCs
    • Air Flow Rates and Pressures for Injection, Aeration and AS
    • Drawdown or Mounding
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Systems & Extraction Well Vacuum Pressures (ROI)
    • Surrounding Well Gauging
    • Surrounding Well Differential Pressures
    • Free Product & Water Recovery Rates
    • Other Parameters as Requested
    • OZONE effectiveness with 9 parameters monitored
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