Cartridge Filters, Stainless Steel, Ebbco, Inc. Model HRF-155-LP. ***1,250.00*** *** SOLD *** *** SOLD ***


*** SOLD ***  *** SOLD ***

Dual stage Hurricane cartridge filtration with  DI water filtration

Filter housing is constructed of stainless steel, passivated for longer life. A convenient single cartridge is easily removable for servicing. Easy access top lids with removable wing nuts. Redesigned to lengthen the filter life when connected to original filters This Vessel had a PVC standpipe, with an up-flow design which eliminates dirty water from contaminating the clean side.

· Various Micron Sizes Available
· Polyester Cartridges are Cleanable and Re-usable
· Uninterrupted Filter Service
· Filter Cleaning Programs Available

  • Two Stainless Cartridge Filters
  • 50PSI
  • Skid Mounted
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Schedule 80 piping
  • Valves
  • One Stainless DI Resin Vessel with valved sampling port

Ebbco’s DI Resin vessel is designed to provide DI water for EDM applications. This system is constructed of Stainless Steel which is passivated for longer life. A distribution header off the inlet of the vessel is designed to evenly distribute the incoming water eliminating channeling and lengthening the life of the resin. A bottom grid in the vessel allows maximum contact time with the resin beads. All Ebbco replacement bags include a prefilter disc for resin protection.

All Ebbco virgin resin is a high grade mixed-bed resin. It is uniquely formulated to deionize water for EDM applications. Ebbco virgin resin offers longer life and a better water quality when compared with regenerated forms. It is available in 1 and 1/2 cu.ft. bags, 1 and 5 cu.ft. bulk drums or boxes and large bulk quantities. (consult factory for larger quantities.)

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