Falmouth Products – Falco 300 – Catalytic Oxidizer

Falco 300 – Catalytic Oxidizer

MODEL  10-300s-16 FM

Ser.# 2007.300.01.S

240 Volt

Single Phase

Gast 5.5 hp Blower

Falmouth Products – VCV Valve

Stainless Construction

Catalytic Oxidizer

Catalytic Oxidizers (Catox) are an effective treatment solution for the removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). A catalyst bed enables operation at lower treatment temperatures (330˚C – 600˚C) than thermal oxidation. The VOC’s are mixed with dilution air, electrically heated to reactive temperature, and then pass through a precious metal catalyst where they are safely converted to CO2, H20, and heat which is then recovered through a heat exchanger.

Falmouth Products specializes in the manufacture, sale and rental of catalytic oxidizers and remediation equipment for VOC removal. Catalytic oxidizers are used for treating vapor emissions from Industrial Process vapor streams and soil vapor extraction systems. Integrated designs provide rugged, lightweight, and portable units that are easily installed and operated.

A heat exchanger provides efficient heat recovery for energy savings when processing low concentration vapor. Catalytic oxidizers can be supplied alone, or with blower packages to make economical, low profile vapor extraction and treatment systems. Systems are competitively priced relative to activated carbon and thermal oxidation.

Electric catalytic oxidizers have wide applications, including treatment of vapors from Industrial VOC abatement, Soil Vapor Extraction, VOC removal, Air strippers, Odor control, and Tank purging.

Falmouth Products equipment is available for purchase and Rental. Used Catalytic Oxidizers (Catox’s) are also available. Our engineering team is always available to discuss your specific application.


FALCO Industrial Catalytic Oxidizer

System is started on dilution air and catalyst is heated to reactive temperature. Once at temperature, vapor introduction is enabled, allowing vapors to pass through the catalyst where they are destroyed. A heat exchanger recovers discharge heat to preheat inlet flow. Process vapors often provide sufficient recovered combustion heat so electric heat is minimal. Temperature controllers regulate inlet concentration by adjusting dilution blower speed. Speed is increased during high mass flow of hydrocarbon vapors, and decreased to save energy during low mass flow or standby.



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