(MMPE–18) TRAILER WITH TREATMENT – AIR STRIPPER – BAG FILTERS (AES#786)(Max 212 acfm, 27″hg). *** $32,500.00 ***

Trailer 786 SVE with treatment/Sparge

Trailer – Interstte 22 X 8 X 8 Tandem 5,000lb axles 6 lug 2 5/16” ball

Disconnect – SqD 230V 3ph 125A fused

Control Panel – Front mounted with dead front controls

Control – relay logic

 SVE 3 point

SVE Pump – Busch Mink type MM1322 AV 15HP 230V 3ph 33.4FLA

busch mink 1322av

(Max 212 acfm, 27’hg)

Exhaust Heat Exchanger – American Industrial ACA 3242-3-E thermostat controlled Universal silencer model UR13-2

Inlet Filter – Soleberg CSL239-300C

Differential Pressure Switches – Dwyer model 1950P

K/O Tank – VLF-100 with site glass and 3 position level switch array

Manifold – 3-2” inlets with vacuum gauges, gate valves

Transfer Pump – Moyno progressive cavity model 34401 12gpm with outlet pressure gauge and sample port

Bag Filter – Filter Innovations model EB112-2P-SW

Air Stripper – EZ Stripper QED 2.4P 4 tray poly with site glass and float switches

Air Stripper Blower – New Your Blower model CO8520 100 3HP 230V 3ph 7.13FLA

A/S transfer Pump – Gould NPE 1st1E7D4

GPM Meter – (2) GWF model MTH3 1” out

     Air Sparge 3 Point

Sparge Pump – Busch Mink type MM1104 BP06 7 ½ HP 230V 3ph 17.7FLA 2 bar

(max 79 scfm, 13.0-31 psi)


Exhaust Filter – Soleberg FS18P-100

Heat Exchanger – American Indutrial ACA-3182-3-E

Manifold 1” to 3-1” outlets

Flow Rate Meters – Dwyer 0-10scfm with ball valves and pressure gauges

Killark XP lighting fixtures


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