(MMPE–22) TRAILER WITH TREATMENT – AIR STRIPPER – (AES#145)(max flow 857 CFM, max vacuum 15″hg) *** $38,500.00 ***



Cargo Express

Dayton 20″ XP ventilation fan


Grundfos Redi Flo 4

1/2 HP 230 Volt


Roots Blower URAI – 59 Rotary Lobe

URAI Root Blower Model 59
Flow Range: to 857 CFM
Max Δ Pressure: 7 psi
Max Δ Vacuum: 15″ Hg
Max RPM: 2850
Min RPM: 763
Max ΔT: 225˚F
Connection: 4″ FPT
Shaft Dia.: 1.125″
Drive End Lubrication: Grease
Gear End Lubrication: Oil
Required Oil for Gear End Horizontal Unit: 27.6 ounces
Required Oil for Gear End Vertical Unit: 16 ounces
Unit Weight: 204 pounds (92.7 kg)

Baldor Blower Model M4106T

Inlet Filter Solberg CY-235( – 400C

Dilution Filter, Solberg FS-31P-200

Discharge Silencer – Stoddard Model D13H-4

Moisture Separator – Innovative Solutions L500

SVE Vacuum Transmitter Ashcroft K1-7M02-42-F2

SVE Inlet Differential Gauge – Dwyer Model 2300

SVE Flow Transmitter, ERDCO model 3612-16T5s

Moisture Separator Flow Meter, Badger RCDL25

SVE Manifold Flow Meter, DWYER Model VFC-122-EC-VIT

Air Sparge Manifold Flow Meter Model 3614-10T5

Air Stripper inlet Manifold Flow Meter, Badger RCDL25

Air Sparge Discharge Pressure Transmitter – Dwyer Model 634ES-1


Transfer Pumps

Gould NPE Model 1ST1E5C4 – moisture separator

Gould NPE 2ST1E5E4

Air Stripper

QED EZ-Tray Model EZ-124ss

Blower Twin City Fan & Blower TBNA 17W6

Air Sparge

Becker DTLF 250 Air Comprtessor

Inlet Filter Solberg FS-31-200

American Industrial Heat Exchanger ACA-3302-3


Warrick series 27

Warrick series 67

EOS ProContol Series II – with Proview

APC Back-ups ES 350/500

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