The Hydropunc II: An In Situ Sampling Tool for Collecting Ground Water from Unconsolidated Sediments

The Hydropunch™ is a stainless steel and Teflon® sampling tool that is capable of collecting a representative ground water sample without requiring the installation of a ground water monitoring well. To collect a sample, the Hydropunch (Patent #4669554) is connected to a small‐diameter drive pipe and either driven or pushed hydraulically to the desired sampling depth. As the tool is advanced, it remains in the closed position, which prevents soil or water from entering the Hydropunch. Once the desired sampling depth is obtained, the tool is opened to the aquifer by pulling up the drive pipe approximately 1.5 feet (0.46m). In the open position, ground water can flow freely into the sample chamber of the tool. When the sample chamber is full, the Hydropunch is pulled to the surface. As the tool is retracted, check valves close and trap the ground water in the sample chamber. At the surface the sample is transferred from the Hydropunch to an appropriate sample container. The tool is a fast, inexpensive alternative for collecting ground water samples from a discrete interval. It is excellent for vertical profiling or defining the areal extent of a contaminant plume.
This sampler is used with a Drill Rig, PowerProbe or GeoProbe.
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