(SVE/SPARGE-64) TRAILER, SVE/AIRSPARGE (#AES-127). *** $25,500.00 ***

Trailer 127 SVE/Sparge

Trailer – Express 12 X 8 X 8 tandem 3,500lb axles, 2 5/16” ball 5 lug

Control Panel – Front mounted with dead front controls

Control – EOS Pro Controls PLC


Vacuum Blower – AirTech model 2BH 1500 3HP 230V 3ph with Ametek flow meter and vacuum gauge

K/O Tank – 60 gallon aluminum with site glass and level switch array

Transfer Pump – Myers model CT 5 1/2hp 230V 3ph with output pressure gauge and gate valve 1” out

GPM meter – Master Meter only 220 gallons registered

4 Point SVE – 2” with Ametek 0-125 scfm flow meters, ball valves, vacuum gauges and sample ports


Sparge Compressor – Becker KDT 3.80 Rotary vein

Heat Exchanger – Thermal Transfer Products model AA35

Temperature transmitter – United Electric model B121-120 XP

Dwyer 1950P differential pressure switch

Main Flow meter – Dwyer 0-100scfm

Manifold – 5 position

5-Dwyer 0-25scfm flow rate meters with pressure gauges and ball valves 1” out       XP exhaust Fan     XP lighting

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