(MMPE–16) TRAILER WITH TREATMENT – AIR STRIPPER – BAG FILTERS (AES#028FA)(Max 103 CFM, 27″hg) *** $45,800.00 ***

Trailer 28FA Recovery/Sparge (bisco)

Vacuum Pump – Busch model MM1142 BV/1342.916.002

(Max 103 CFM, 27″hg)


Manufacturing date – 9/11/2012

Trailer – 21 X 9 X 8 tandem 3,500lb axles 5 lug 2 5/16” ball

Control Panel – Front mounted with dead front controls

Control – Allen Bradley Micro Logic PLC

Stack temperature gauge and flow rate magnehelic 0-55CFM

A/W Separator – Bisco 50 gallon with site glass and L500 level switch array

4 point recovery 2” with individual site glasses, manual ball valves

In line valves – US valve model 07-1-OSP 2” with sample ports and vacuum gauges

A/W separator transfer pump – Gould NPE 3/4HP 230V 2.3FLA with output pressure gauge and sampling port

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial model ACA-4302-3

Dwyer model 1950P-2-2F differential Pressure gauge

Air Stripper – 5 tray stainless steel

Air Stripper Blower – American Fan model 124710-001

5HP 230V 3ph 14.8FLA

Air Stripper transfer pump – Gould NPE 3/4HP 230V 3ph 2.3FLA

6” stack exhaust

Sparge 3 points

Sparge compressor missing

Compressor out differential pressure switch – Dwyer 1950P

Output temperature and pressure gauges

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial model ACA 3242-3-3

3/4HP 230V 3ph 1.4FLA

3 – Dwyer 0-28scfm flow rate meters with pressure gauges and gate valves 1” out

3 – inline valves – US valve model 07-1-OSP

XP exhaust fan

XP lighting

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